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You may be diligent about saving money, but what happens when your furnace breaks and now you have a $14,000 expense you weren’t expecting?  Avoid this major headache by tracking the age of each of your major appliances.  This printable includes the average lifespan of 10 common household items that are expensive to replace (Note: this information is not included on the preview, but it is on the actual download).

Fill in the current age of each item and the estimated cost to replace (this is left blank because the cost to replace varies significantly depending on the quality, brand, etc. of the new appliance you purchase) so you’ll know when each item is likely to expire.

Keeping track of all of this in one place will help you to prepare for major expenses so they don’t become a burden later on…when you’re unprepared.  The printable also includes room for 10 additional items if you’d like to add your own.

Always plan ahead so you’re never caught off guard with a major expense!

FORMAT: This printable comes in three distinct styles: Pops of Pink, Pretty Purple, and Classic Blue.  You will receive all three styles with your purchase.  Each of the three styles comes in Excel format (which is editable) and PDF format (which cannot be edited).  You will receive a total of six sheets – three Excel and three PDF.

RETURNS: This item is not returnable because it is a digital download and there is nothing to return.


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