Dressing up for Halloween can be tons of fun, but Halloween costumes for adults often get pricey.  Whether you want to save money or you need a last minute costume idea, check out these quick and affordable DIY costume ideas!

A cat costume is super easy, cheap, and cute! All you really need are an all-black outfit and some cat whiskers (which can easily be drawn on using eyeliner). Cat ears and collar are optional.


Cat, Superwoman, and Rosie the Riveter.


Rosie the Riveter
Wear a blue blouse with high-waisted blue pants and a red bandana, and voila, you have an easy and adorable DIY costume!


The makeup for a zombie costume may get a little pricey, but you can wear whatever outfit you want!


Wear a flannel shirt, jeans, cowboy hat, and cowboy boots. If you’re a country girl, then you already have these items and you don’t even need to buy anything new.

halloween_zombie cowgirl (1024x683)


Amish People
Wear your most conservative clothing paired with a top hat (for men) or bonnet (for ladies).



For ladies, wear a striped shirt, fake pregnant belly (unless you actually are pregnant!) and jeans. For men, try a maroon and yellow athletic outfit with short shorts and a headband.



Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory
My hubby was Sheldon for Halloween last year. He already had everything he needed, so he didn’t need to spend a penny (no pun intended). He wore a “bazinga” shirt and khaki pants, and he also brought a graphic design textbook with him called “Big Brand Theory”. A physics textbook and The Flash t-shirt would also work great for a Sheldon costume! Sarcasm and condescension are optional ;)


“Sheldon” is in the middle.


If you need to find a last-minute costume, look no further than your gym bag! Wear some colorful yoga pants, a matching tank top, and bring your yoga mat. Be prepared to do some yoga poses!



Group Fitness Instructor
If you don’t have a yoga mat, try a fitness instructor costume instead. I have a workout shirt that reads “Good things come to those who sweat”. Add some yoga pants and this would be a ridiculously easy (and comfortable) costume!



Marathon Runner
Wear running clothes and print off a piece of paper with the “race” info. If you want to be a “Color Run” marathon runner, buy some cheap packets of dye and throw some dye on yourself.  Bonus: you can have all the fun without actually having to run a marathon!

color run



Wear a swimsuit, goggles, and swim cap.

© Sport the library/Robb Cox Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games Swimming, Day 03 - Daniel Bell (AUS) action shot (butterfly), side on.

© Sport the library/Robb Cox Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games Swimming, Day 03 – Daniel Bell (AUS) action shot (butterfly), side on.


Wear a polo shirt and flannel shorts. Golf club optional.



Looking for a super comfortable costume?  Wear pajamas. Eye mask optional.



Break out your old graduation cap and gown. The degree cost tens of thousands of dollars (sigh), but it’s free to re-use your gown!



Bride, Bridesmaid, or Prom Queen
Still have your bridal gown, prom dress, or a bridesmaid dress? You probably paid quite a bit for the dress, so get some more use out of it.


Image courtesy of Megan Marti.


Put on your nerdiest outfit and buy a pair of cheap fake glasses.

geek costume halloween diy


Businessman or Businesswoman
Put on a suit or your most professional looking outfit. Briefcase or iPad optional. Try to talk in acronyms and buzz words all night.

business halloween costume diy


Error 404
Wear a white t-shirt with the words “Error 404 costume not found” written on it.

costume not found 404 error

What other DIY costume ideas have you tried or seen?

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