I’m Jen, and I’m passionate about helping fellow millennials to make smarter financial choices.

I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in HR from an expensive business school.  I had naively believed that a master’s degree would be a golden ticket to an amazing career. I was wrong.  After completing grad school in 2013, I found myself underemployed and buried in $75,000 of student loan debt.

My first “real” job paid so little that nearly 50% of my income was going toward making the minimum payments on my student loans.  I didn’t know what to do.  I worried about my debt constantly.  I felt hopeless and trapped – I worried that I’d be buried in debt for the rest of my life.

A wise friend lent me a copy of Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover, and I was hooked.  Shortly after that, I married my college sweetheart, Ben, and we came up with a plan to pay off our combined $117,000 of student loan debt in just three years – using Dave’s debt snowball approach.

We realized that if we wanted to get out of debt ASAP, we couldn’t do what “normal” 20-somethings do (like taking on an expensive mortgage, buying brand-new cars, and starting a family) – we would have to live differently.  As Dave Ramsey says “Live like no one else now so you can live like no one else later.”

What does this look like?

Small house.  Small dog.  Small car.

Bigger isn’t always better!  We’ve committed to living a more minimalist lifestyle.  My hubby drove a goofy looking Smart car for a while and I still drive my very first car…which is now 19 years old.

We live in a relatively small townhouse that we love, and we have an adorable little pug.  Herbie really has nothing to do with our plan for financial freedom, but he’s adorable, so I had to share a few pictures of him!

Living frugally isn’t always easy. We’ve made many sacrifices during this journey, but it’s been well worth it because we are now 100% debt-free aside from our mortgage!

We’re currently working on baby step #3 (saving 3-6 months of expenses).  We can’t wait to get to step #7: living and giving like no one else.

A few of our big dreams include:

  • Traveling the world
  • Adopting another dog (I really want another pug, but Ben has his heart set on a French bulldog)
  • Owning the world’s smallest car, the Peel P50 (Ben)
  • Retiring early (Jen)
  • Giving generously to our church and other causes we support

How can I help you?

Are you ready to pay off your debt and live the life you’ve always dreamed of?

I’m not going to claim that I’m a money “expert”. I don’t have a finance degree or an MBA. I simply have the passion for personal finance that God has given me.

I’m an ordinary millennial who made some mistakes along the way and has a heart for helping others to achieve financial freedom.

I have several resources that can help you to get started!  Here are a few of my favorites:

Over the past few years, this little blog has grown more than I ever could have imagined.  I’ve been featured on Elite Daily, The Penny Hoarder, Miss Millennia Magazine, and Student Loan Hero.  I am a regular contributor to The Financial Diet and GOBankingRates.

Here’s a little more about me…a few fun facts:

  1. I’m the baby of the family. I’m 30 and my brothers are in their mid-40’s.
  2. My husband and I were together for six years before we got married.  Four of those years were spent in a long-distance relationship.
  3. I work in HR/payroll.
  4. If I hadn’t chosen this career path, I might’ve been a researcher in a psychology lab, an event planner, or a professional organizer.  Planning, organizing, and learning are three of my favorite things.
  5. I’m a huge animal lover and I have a soft spot for flat nosed dog breeds like pugs and bulldogs.
  6. I hate cheese (most kinds) and Mexican food. Weird, I know.
  7. I’ve only been to 11 states and one other country (Mexico). I can’t wait to travel more once we’re debt-free!
  8. I once had a 30 pound cat.
  9. I love board games. Here are a few of my favorites.
  10. I am a textbook ISTJ (The “Logistician”).

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